Vermont singer-songwriter
photo by Benjamin D. Bloom

Peter Day is a musician and songwriter living in Burlington, Vermont.  He plays bass, guitar, trumpet, and sings.   He has won Vermont’s annual singer-songwriter competition (Brent Hallenbeck of The Burlington Free Press called Peter’s sound  “sunny with a hint of melancholy”) and performs regularly with The Grift and The Sweet Remains.   A wide array of musicians and styles have influenced his playing and songwriting over the years: Paul Simon, Rubber Soul-era Beatles, The Doobie Brothers, Peter Mulvey, Patty Griffin, Tom Petty, James Taylor, John Mayer, Ani DiFranco, Death Cab For Cutie (to name a few too many) as well as the many talented folks with whom he creates music.

Peter loves songs that tell stories.  He loves a clever turn of phrase. Most of all he loves when a song resonates with you and becomes a fine mesh net for memory and feeling. The strands of frequency and rhythm and the sentiment and soul of a song intertwine with and hold the emotion of a time and place.  He delights in the arc of creating a song from one’s own web of experience, sharing it, and letting each listener in turn build their own associations. These are the qualities that he strives for in his own music.

Peter recently released his first solo project, ‘Break Down the Heavy’. What does this album sound like?  It sounds like a harmony-driven singer-songwriter with a full band groove.  This album has songs about love, about beauty, about coffee, about shipwrecked whiskey smugglers and jailbreak pen pals. This album is about finding your way, and is meant to help you find yours, or at least to enjoy the process of searching.

Peter wrote the songs, sings, and plays bass and guitar.  The band backing him up is: Clint Bierman (guitar, vocals) Sean Preece (drums) and Leon Campos (piano, Hammond organ). Additional help from Daiki Hirano on percussion, Jer Coons (backing vocals) and Mike Pedersen (backing vocals).

He is always hard at work writing new tunes, so stay tunes for sneak previews of the songs for the next album.

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