New website, Europe tour, radio appearance

Exciting times! So peterdaymusic has found a new online home – please forgive the lack of content as I “move in”… should be fully operational in the next few weeks. In the meantime, a few exciting bits of news:

– Europe tour! Yes indeed, headed back to Germany with The Sweet Remains for a three-week tour. Check out the website for full tour dates:

– Radio appearance! I will be performing solo on 104.7 WNCS The Point on February 15 at 6:30pm, mark your calendars! Thanks to Carrie at The Point for setting up the appearance. I will be playing tunes from my recent release, Break Down the Heavy, as well as a few new ones that will be on the next solo album!

– new tunes! Clint and I have been busy busy in the workshop crafting some new tunes, some of our finest efforts yet. We have three new country songs and a handful of ones for the new Grift album (release TBD but sometime in 2015)

See you on the road!

tSR Europe
from The Sweet Remains 2014 Fall tour – 2015 here we come!

live in 3… 2… 1…

Welcome to the online home of peter day music, constructed in the cold, clear light of a Vermont winter afternoon as I put the finishing touches on my first “official” solo release. I have a few other releases, mostly solo acoustic, but this will be the first project to fully realize my sonic vision in a full band context. And what fun to polish a collection of songs intended to feel just as home in the background as you make pancakes on a lazy morning, in the foreground with headphones and a glass of something, or as driving music when the road feels right. And Grift fans, never fear – we’re still writing lots of new music in Jonesville, and loving that, too. Here’s a little home for some of my songs that live further along the spectrum towards singer-songwriter, whilst keeping the electricity of the songs that The Grift can play in a bar full of happy dancing people.