So many new songs, so little time!

While the COVID era has been such a traumatic moment for so many of us, (and certainly quite detrimental to playing live music), it has proven to be a surprisingly rich and creative time for songwriting. Now there is one silver lining for which I am grateful. And I finally have a place to share those new songs as they are created…

It has been very exciting to have Patreon as a platform to motivate and host my creativity… I don’t think it’s coincidence that since starting Patreon in March of 2020, I’ve written and shared more songs than literally ever before in my life. Thank you! And we’re just getting warm. If you’d like to check some of those out again, or if you haven’t become a Patron yet and want to learn more, all those new songs are here at my Patreon: And there are so many more songwriting irons currently in the fire!

And it has also been very exciting to see The Grift finding new legs with the support of Anders Entertainment, check out the new and improved website! The while catalogue, available for streaming and download in one place! New merch! It’s all happening.

Inspiration! And a Patreon Page!

It’s been a very inspiring few months, and the creativity has been flowing like the maple sap in a perfect stretch of sugaring weather – warm days, cool nights. Got LOTS of new songs cooking, and I’m very, very excited for this next Peter Day solo album, it’s going to be a good one folks, that’s for sure.  I’ve been filling the barrel since Break Down the Heavy, so there’s lots to play with.

Exciting news: I built a Patreon page! So if you know and love the music that I create, you will now have a way to help support me in continuing that creative passion, and you will get access to new material every month, be it a demo of one of the new songs, an idea I’m working on, a short video, etc.

Check it out here: and please consider becoming my Patron, even if it’s only $3 a month. That commitment really inspires and keeps  me going… THANK YOU!

More soon.  Take care of each other. And yourself.



pd songwriting 2020

15 Years of Grifting, Europe Tour, oh my!

15 years ago, almost to the day, I moved back to Vermont (long story) and joined The Grift.  I am so deeply grateful to Clint Bierman and Jeff Vallone who started the band almost 20 (!!) years ago for bringing me along on this amazing musical journey.  The joy, brotherhood and shared musical passion is more than I could ever ask for, and I feel more and more fortunate every day for this musical life we lead.

Grift Parima 2003

photo credit: Benjamin D Bloom photography

And onwards! The Brian Chartrand Trio returns to Germany and Austria for a November tour, check out the tour dates here.  Looking forward to being good ambassadors for our country.  A smile, a song and a shared pint or two go a long way to reminding ourselves that there is far more joining us all together than what divides us.


new music video, barrel of new songs continues to fill!

New tunes simmering in the kitchen… I like to cook ‘em slow and low until they are juuuuuuuuust right. And there’s one that is ready to share if you head over to the video section on the site (link above)

With more to come very soon. With gratitude to Emily and our family members for making the video far more interesting than if I had just stayed on the kitchen couch for the whole thing.  (Video idea: “tiny couch” series?) Thanks also to Jer Coons for producing the song, and many more that will be on the next Peter Day Project.

That’s right, you read it here first: pdp volume 2 is in the works, with a GREAT batch of songs (if I do say so) and hopefully ready to release in 2021!!

Solo Acoustic show!

Yes indeed!  Very excited to stretch out and dig into the back catalogue of Peter Day singer-songwriter acoustic goodness… A rare treat, y’all!

Wednesday, March 16 at 7:30pm

The Big Picture Theater and Cafe , 48 Carroll Rd. Watsfield, VT.

Sweet Remains Trio Europe 2016 tour dates announced!

So, so excited to be headed back across the pond with Brian Chartrand and Jeff Vallone.  This tour is the longest yet – 5 weeks with stops in Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, and Austria – and the venues are stellar (some of you I know… some I’m meeting for the first time…) Check  out – some crazy airfares to Europe from Montreal or Boston these days!  Or if you know someone in any of those countries, tell them to come check it out!

tSR April 2016

Solo show! and Europe tour!


On April 21, I am headed back to Europe with the Sweet Remains Trio!  very excited to explore some new areas for us, particularly Italy and Slovakia! Check out the complete tour schedule at The Sweet Remains official website. We’re almost done mixing a live album recorded last spring in Germany, and it sounds amazing.  Stay tuned for that!

Also exciting is an upcoming solo acoustic show at The Big Picture in Waitsfield, VT!  I’ll be playing Wednesday, April 15 for their “Valley Night” music series and will be trying out a bunch of new tunes and digging into the archives for some pd classics and some tasty covers.  More info here.


photo by Jeff Vallone
photo by Jeff Vallone

Just a snapshot – and a nice memory from last fall’s Sweet Remains Europe tour!  We had a gig in the UK and got to spend a day walking around London, so we went to Abbey Road, naturally!  I love this shot mostly because it was an extremely rare quiet moment on an otherwise hectic street, crowded with (fellow) tourists and very impatient drivers waiting for the non-stop-photo-ops.  This was was just a lucky moment, I guess. Had it all to myself on this sunny autumn English morning. And yes, my walk is… different.  But I decided to make it my own, you know?

New website, Europe tour, radio appearance

Exciting times! So peterdaymusic has found a new online home – please forgive the lack of content as I “move in”… should be fully operational in the next few weeks. In the meantime, a few exciting bits of news:

– Europe tour! Yes indeed, headed back to Germany with The Sweet Remains for a three-week tour. Check out the website for full tour dates:

– Radio appearance! I will be performing solo on 104.7 WNCS The Point on February 15 at 6:30pm, mark your calendars! Thanks to Carrie at The Point for setting up the appearance. I will be playing tunes from my recent release, Break Down the Heavy, as well as a few new ones that will be on the next solo album!

– new tunes! Clint and I have been busy busy in the workshop crafting some new tunes, some of our finest efforts yet. We have three new country songs and a handful of ones for the new Grift album (release TBD but sometime in 2015)

See you on the road!

tSR Europe
from The Sweet Remains 2014 Fall tour – 2015 here we come!